About The Latin Ballroom


  • Over 30 years of dance experience – teaching, performance, competition and social dancing.;
  • Over 20 Years as professional Teachers of Dance – more than 19 different styles (!!);
  • Operated full time Professional Dance Studios for over 20 years;
  • Tutor(s) for 7 Years in the Degree in Dance at major Sydney University;
  • Taught, Coached and Performed at Local, State, National, and International levels.

Unique and Exclusive Teaching Method

No, not this confusing and awful “follow these steps” systems ➡

We’ve developed our exclusive “80/20 Method” & “Just 13 Steps Program” to get you on the floor sooner, more confidently, and prepared to learn and expand your dance repertoire faster than you thought possible.

You DON’T need to learn 100’s of steps and figures. We’ll show you the 20% of steps you need to know to do 80% of the stuff you see on the dance floor (more here).

On The Waves

We  travel extensively through the Pacific, Asia, Middle East, Mediterranean and USA, as the Professional Dance Teachers aboard several different Cruise lines.

While at sea, we teach  daily (sometimes over 100 passengers in a class!!), provide opportunity for dance practice and enjoyment during sea days, and frequently assist with the development choreography and coaching for “end of trip” performances.

        • Slow Waltz
        • Foxtrot
        • Tango
        • Viennese Waltz