If you’re a COUPLE and would like to “swap” your Group Class DanceCards into Private Lessons, here’s how to do it.

A “5 x DanceCard” is $80 (or $16 per Class). An “11 x DanceCard” is $160 (or $14.50 per Class).

To Members, a Private Lesson is $95.00 for the hour (for TWO dancers). (Special Note: a single Private Lesson to non-members is $135.00)

As an example

Say you have an “11 x DanceCard” with six (6) Lessons remaining on it. This means converting those 6 Classes – let’s round it up  – at $15 each means a Private Lesson is only another $5 (6 x $15 = $90)!!!

If you have a “5 x DanceCard” with all 5 Lessons still on it (5 x $16=$80), you can simply add another $15 and get your Private Lesson!

This offer is available to ALL current DanceCard holders. Just call 0427 52 84 66 to schedule your Private Dance Lesson swap!

Remember, Private Lessons are for TWO (2) dancers!

(Terms and Conditions – This offer is the ONLY variation from our published Terms Of Service, and is offered with the intent of “fair play”. NO other variations apply. “SWAP” offer may be withdrawn or altered at anytime without notice. TOS)