It’s now day 9 of the cruise.

Due to the medical emergency mentioned previously there’s been a revision of the ports of call, and we’re setting into Bora Bora first.

Mature Beach. Had lunch in the bar with red roof

Been to this tropical paradise before so was much looking forward to revisiting. We weren’t disappointed.

There’s no classes when the Ship is docked, so we have the entire day off.

Tendered to the main dock (Ship is too big to birth), then onto one of the local buses for a 15 minute ride to Matira Beach. This beach could be the model of every beach on any tropical paradise.

We swam and enjoy the beach all morning, then had a “hamburger et frites” and some Tahitian beer in the bar on the beach.

After another dip in the ocean, we bussed back to the ship for a chance to recover around the pool before another night of dancing and party.

Work, work work.