Just taking a moment

Not everything is smooth sailing for everyone. On the 2nd day of cruising a passenger has had a medical emergency.

We were too far out at sea for helicopter evacuation to suitable medical facility, so the Captain turned us around and returned to Honolulu at high speed. The Ship was a billion dollar ambulance!

Even so, everything else continued as normal for us onboard. Classes in the mornings, dancing and shows each evening.

The dash back to Honolulu has meant that instead of going to Pape’ete, Mo’orea then Bora Bora in that order, we’ve had to reschedule to Bora Bora first, then Pape’ete, skipping Mo’orea.

We’ve also been asked if we can produce a performance for the Guest Talent Night scheduled for day 13. So we’re working with some of the experienced dancers and some of the novice dancers onboard to put together a show. Excitement is high!

More to follow!