We have an inside cabin, with a “Virtual Balcony”.

Monday 30th sees us join the Ship in Honolulu. Had a leisurely breakfast at Denny’s, then Uber to the dock. Very relaxed.

As it’s still early, and Cabins aren’t ready till 1.00pm, we’re forced to wait beside the pool with a Mai’Tai. The horror!

After 1pm we make our way to the cabin (Deck 7) and freshen up. On this Ship (Ovation), every internal cabin has a “virtual balcony” – a huge HD video screen showing the view outside from where the cabin is on the Ship. We keep it on 24 hours a day and wake up to a sunrise over the ocean.

At 2.00pm we meet up with the Ship’s Activity Manager, and discuss our schedule. A one hour dance lesson every sea day. When we’re in port there’s no classes.

We’re also asked would we mind hosting a 1 hour dance hour each sea day for the new and experienced dancers on the ship. We like to dance, so sure!

We also discover that each sea day there’s an hour of dedicated Latin in Belero’s Tequila Bar on board.

Ship at night from observation platform

So it turns out that our days at sea are essentially:

  • Up at 7am and off to the Gym (well, I do – Jo).
  • 8.30am off to breakfast, then relax around the pool.
  • 11.00am till noon – conduct a lesson. We run each style of dance over 2 days. Then lunch and the pool.
  • 3-4.00pm – plug the computer in the sound system in The Music Hall – another venue onboard – play just about every Latin, Standard and Club style of music. Surprising how many people onboard can already dance.
  • 4-5.00pm – move one deck up to Belero’s for some hard core Salsa, Bachata, Merengue and Cha Cha.
  • Then back to the pool and/or getting ready for dinner and a show. Almost every evening there is a live show in The Royal Theatre (song, dance, comedy, stage production etc).
  • Around 8.00pm we go to dinner, then on to the many entertainments and dancing around the Ship till late.
  • Stagger to the cabin, maybe watch a movie (or more realistically just part of it), then sleep.
  • Repeat

More in Part (3)