Just some memories and thought of the cruise on “The Ovation Of The Seas”, with for Jo and Ian as “in house” dance teachers for the Ship.

So as the Dance Teachers on board, we contract to provide at least one, 1 hour dance class per day. Occasionally there are requests for additional activities made directly from the Activities Manager on board the Ship, but more of that later.

So this cruise was the “repositioning” cruise, bringing the Ship to the Southern Hemisphere for our summer. The itinerary was (yes, “was”, but again more later):

  1. Honolulu, Hawaii;
  2. Bora Bora, French Polynesia;
  3. Mo’area, French Polynesia;
  4. Pape’ete (on the island of Tahiti), the capital of French Polynesia;
  5. Wellington, on the North Island of NZ;
  6. Picton, on the South Island of NZ; and then
  7. Sydney!!!

Just some quick stats about Ovation Of The Seas :

  • 348m long;
  • 49m wide;
  • 169,000 tonne;
  • 18 decks;
  • 4,000+ passengers – 2,700 crew. (more . . .)

Arriving in Hawaii – Oct 25 – Oct 31st

Arrived Honolulu at about 10.00am Wednesday (after leaving Sydney at 9.45pm Wednesday – go figure?).

Shuttle to apartment about 100m from Waikiki Beach. Needed to refuel at “Giovani’s Pastrami” with the best Pastrami Ruben, Mai-tai, and then off to the beach for an afternoon swim. Then back to recover around the pool.

A couple of lessons each day, then back to the beach! This just about describes most of the days in Waikiki.

But at night . . .

  • Thursday at “The District” night club for some Salsa, Bachata and Merengue.
  • Friday night milonga at Paradise Tango, after dinner and Magartitas at “Margarita’s” right next door to the milonga!
  • Sunday over to “The Haus Supper Club” at Ala Moana for another Latin Night.

On Monday 31st we joined the Ship. Read more in “Part 2”