• When: 7.00pm-8.00pm Tuesdays for 4 weeks, starting July 2nd.
  • How Much: Normal DanceCard “clicks”, or $20 per casual visit.
  • Where: At the Parramatta Studio, 216 Church Street

It began in El Casino Deportivo, a Havana social club. The name “casino” comes from the social club where the dance began. “Rueda” means wheel or circle. It is a type of salsa dancing done by a group in a circle, with partners being passed around. This wildly popular dance was done everywhere in Cuba—in the streets, in parking lots, in clubs, in homes.
Here’s your opportunity to get into this great FUN style.

If you’ve only just got the basic rhythms of Salsa, you’ll do fine – it might be bumpy along the way. but you’ll get there with more than 20 Beginner moves.

If you’re an experienced Salsero, you’ll pick up the basics of Rueda quickly, and maybe move on to learning some of the more challenging and visually exciting patterns we’ll present for the experienced Rueda dancers in the class.

Along the way we’ll provide some written notes, and at the end of each class you’ll be able to video the moves of that lesson as a “memory jogger”!

Please Note: This Workshop series is available as part of our Free Trial Lesson offer, but you’ll need to at least have some basic Salsa skills to join in. We won’t be teaching Salsa from the first step – we’ll be teaching Rueda only.

If you’ve arrived here and are still asking “What’s Rueda?”, check out some of these videos:

Short Doco about Rueda

watch video

How Many People Can There Be In A Rueda?

watch video

How It Looks In The Club!

watch video