Dance Lessons in Beecroft - no, not with these guys!

No, we DON’T mean this kind of “possee”.

We’re NOT suggesting we go out and round up all the dancers who are out of time! A Dance Possee is something much more fun!

Instead, we’re wondering if you’d like to come along to the new Beecroft Studio (see below) and try it out as our guests for the next three (3) weeks.

So, if you’re a regular dancer in the Parramatta Studio, come along at 7.00pm for Salsa, Bachata and Merengue, and 8.00pm for Argentine Tango. You’re welcome to enjoy either or both sessions.

So, if you’d like to see the new Studio, and practice your moves or learn some new ones, please come and get on the floor!

The offer is for the next three (3) Thursdays in the current courses – that’s the 28th of March, 4th and 11th of April. 7.00pm for Club Latin and 8.00pm for Argentine Tango.

Come to one, come to all three – your call. You’ll always be welcome.