We all want your special day to be memorable (for all the right reasons)!

006The Latin Ballroom has designed a number of great looking – but easy to learn – Wedding Routines to suit most of the music selected for today’s weddings.

In generally, a simple wedding routine takes only about five (5) hours to master (of course you should practice between lessons!).

If you’re after a more dynamic looking routine, or perhaps to provide your family and friends with your own special Performance, you”ll of course need more time – that’s why a 10 Lesson package is also available.

Where to start?

You’ll probably want to either start with your special music, or a dance style you’d like to do.

If you have already selected your music, simply bring it with you to the Studio for your first lesson. The Staff will demonstrate the style of dance which suits the music, and show you some of the steps you might choose to include.

Alternately, if you haven’t selected your music, when you attend for your first lesson the Teaching Staff will “audition” the dance styles for you. Decide which one you like the look of, and we’ll recommend some titles for you to listen to.

Some music styles are listed below, which are all available on “iTunes”. We’re not suggesting you use these tracks, but rather listen to the beat and the style, and decide which one best goes with your special day . . . .

  • Club 4 Step – (e.g. “When You Kiss Me” – Shania Twain)
  • Rumba – (e.g. “Chains” – Teena Arena)
  • Social Foxtrot – (e.g. “Moondance” – Michael Buble’)
  • Waltz – (e.g. “Fascination” – Nat King Cole)
  • Cha Cha – (e.g. “Sway” – Michael Buble’)
  • Tango – (e.g. “Por Una Cabeza” – The Tango Project)
  • Salsa – (e.g. “Cali Pachanguero” – La Super Band)

In addition the dance itself, we’ll also show you “entrance” routines to get you from Cutting The Cake, onto the dance floor, and a “finish with flourish” – which will allow your family and guests a great “Kodak Moment”!

Wedding Dance Private LessonsPackage (1) – 5 Private Lessons – $450.00

From our years of experience, we’ve learnt that most music selected for weddings comes under one of four styles – Rumba, Waltz, Social Foxtrot or Club 4 Step.

We have several great looking “off the shelf” routines which can be adapted to suit your needs.

Package (2) – 10 Private Lessons – $850.00

This Package allows for further development of the routine, with the inclusion of more visually exciting figures.

During this Program we will also choreograph your routine to the music, so that when the music hits a crescendo, or there’s a still moment, your routine will match!

Package (2) can be applied to just about ANY style of music, including Waltz, Rumba, Cha Cha, Samba, Quick Step, Tango, Salsa and more!

What to do now…..

Just give the Studio a call (0427 52 84 66 (0427 LATINO)) and discuss your schedule. We’ll work with you to ensure you get all the lessons you need, and look GREAT on the day!