About This Workshop

Tango is a wordless communication between two people, and is said to have originated in the brothels on the outskirts of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

A passionate and powerful dance, while at the same time sensuous and full of meaning.

This Workshop coverers everything from the basic fundaments to the advanced and intricate footwork and actions of experienced tangeros!

What Will I Learn?


  • The 6 fundamental moves EVERY tango dancer needs;
  • Lead and Follow Techniques;
  • Basic style and adornments;
  • Dance floor and Tango etiquette.


  • Visually exciting moves and combinations;
  • Advanced Lead and Follow Techniques;
  • How to make your tango look like THE TANGO!;
  • Giros, Paradas, Gancho, Engancho and more!

When Can I Start?

You can start in ANY Tango Class or Workshop – just check out the “What’s On” link in the top menu.

You might also enjoy a FREE trial Lesson? Just register with the short form on this page.

We have dance teachers at “the top of the stairs”, eager to help first time Tango dancers around the floor, as well as experience dancers with the more challenging moves.

Who Should Do This Workshop?

If you’ve never danced Tango before (or NEVER danced at all?) then this is the place to start. You can start ANY workshop – we have dance teachers just waiting for you to come up the stairs!

If you’re an experienced dancer we have patterns and suitable figures and choreography waiting for you, which will challenge you and keep your dancing interesting.

What’s Included?

  • All practical lessons PLUS guided Practica each session;
  • Printed Workshop outline and choreography;
  • Free access to online videos via the Studio App;
  • Standing invitation to join us on our regular visits to various Tango dance functions (Milongas);
  • Bonus free Practice Time in the Studio.

What to wear?

Ladies Latin Dance ShoesThe Studio is fully air conditioned, but you’ll probably get hot, so layers are good. We suggest neat comfortable clothing – preferably NOT gym wear.

As to footwear, the top of the “wish list” is leather soled dance shoes, but many new dancers don’t have them (yet ;-).

Ladies, any comfortable shoe, but avoid platform soles (no flexibility), plastic soles (they slide on the polished wood floosrs), or shoes that don’t capture your heel (might come off in a spin). A court shoe works just fine.

Men, again, any comfortable shoe, preferably with a leather soles.

In any case, even sneakers will be OK for your first Workshops, and then you can decide which way you’d like to go.

How Much?

These workshops can be paid by using your DanceCard:

  • One only Workshop – $20;
  • DanceCard of 5 Workshops – $80 ($16 per Workshop);
  • DanceCard of 11 Workshops – $160 (about $14.50 per Workshop)

DanceCards last 12 months. Every time you attend a Workshop we “click” your DanceCard. If say, you need to work and can’t come along to your regular Workshop, YOU DON’T LOOSE IT. This way you come along to suit YOUR schedule!

We can accept cash or cards in the Studio or online at The Store (above).