Back on the seas again, from Tahiti to our next stop Wellington New Zealand.

As we mentioned earlier, we’ve been rehearsing a show for the Guest Talent Showcase.

Fortunately onboard there were already quite a few people who could dance. These other dancers included a couple of dance teachers, a Championship Couple, and a dozen or so dancers experienced in Ballroom and New Vogue styles.

So with this fantastic foundation, and the enthusiasm of the newer dancers (some NEVER actually danced before!!) we all worked hard to put together a cast of 24 dancers for a 6 minute showcase of Tango, Waltz, Bachata and Salsa, for an audience of over 1,000 passengers!

So after the efforts with the Showcase we were back to the daily grind – teach, pool, eat, dance, eat, drink, watch show, dance, drink, sleep, repeat, until we arrived in New Zealand.

Spent a couple of days in Wellington and Picton with our Kiwi Cousins, then a couple of days crossing “The Tasman” back home.

Just an aside – if you’re ever put off by the idea of a cruise and the possibility of sea sickness, consider this. From NZ to Oz is a notorious passage for “rough seas”. This crossing was no different.

At one point there was 50 knots of wind (90+ klm per hr) across the deck, and waves 23 metres high.

How did that affect us? Not at all! The Ship (160,000t remember) was rock solid. We still danced, ate, watched shows and had a good time without even being aware of the sea state.

Anyway, we’re back now, and need a rest (;-). If you’d like to know anymore about dancing and cruising feel free to drop as a line or call. If you’re interested in a Teaching Cruise, please talk to us as there are PLENTY of positions.

Thanks to Anita and Ken for looking after the Studio so well!

See you all on the floor!