Day 10 and we’re docked in Pape’ete, Tahiti.

Again as a result of the medical emergency, instead of being here from 8am-4pm, we’re staying till midnight.

This is just as well, as the local Argentine Tango community was hosting a Milonga!

So around 8pm – after a gruelling day by the pool – we walked the short distance to “La Vila”. This is hidden gem of a restaurant and bar in one of the back streets of Pape’ete.

Welcomed with open arms by the Island Tango Community, we enjoyed some delicious food, great Margarita’s, and wonderful night of Tango.

This is one of the amazing things about dance – go anywhere in the world, you might not speak the local language, but “everywhere” speaks dance! The local Teacher didn’t speak English, but simply offered his hand to Jo, and off they went, dancing as if old acquaintances. I approached a stranger and asked “voudriez-vous danser” – one of my “highschool french” phrases, and again, two strangers moving as one.