During May we’ve had several couples and individuals let us know (text, email or call) that they won’t be attending wither their normal Group Class, or they Private Lesson – and we’re happy about it!

As Winter starts in, the first round of colds and flu have started. The dancers who have cancelled or rescheduled their Lessons have caught some “bug” and don’t want to give it ti the rest of us!


So if you’re feeling unwell, never hesitate to err on the side of caution, and stay home with, say a “hot toddy”?. If you will miss out on one of your normal Group Classes, remember that your DanceCard doesn’t really expire, so you loose nothing.

If you have to reschedule a Private Lesson till you’re well, again NO ISSUE. We understand that no one went out and tried to get sick.

Remember that the Studio has gentle but effective hand wash at all the basins, and we have multiple bottles of hand sanitiser spread throughout. Feel free to utilise these often!