(Latin Dancing on Sunday)

Starting from Sunday (Domingo) April 14th, you can now enjoy some more Latin dance to round off your weekend!

So, from the 14th of April, every Sunday at 6.00pm you’ll be able to enjoy a specialist Course or Class (Like Bachata, Rueda, Bronze Silver and Gold Medal etc), followed at 7.00pm by “Salsa 101” the Beginner’s Cuban Salsa class, and 8.00pm for “Salsa 201”, Improver and Intermediate Cuban Salsa!

Bachata 6.00pm-7.00pm

A three (3) week “bootcamp” focussing on what you need to move smoothly and confidently to Bachata rhythms in any Club! Runs over the 14th, 21st and 28th of April. Use your DanceCard.

Salsa “101” – Beginner and Novice Cuban Salsa 7.00pm

The place to start your dancing adventure!

Salsa “201” – Improver and Intermediate Cuban Salsa 8.00pm

Once you’ve got a reasonable handle on the basics . . .

Sunday Night Social Dancing till 10.00pm