End of the year already!

Below are the important dates for the holiday period. If there is anything unclear or you would like additional information please don’t hesitate to call us – 0427 52 84 66.

Private Lessons: Ongoing by appointment. If you’re unsure with your booking please call. The ONLY days we won’t be doing are the Public Holidays.

Studio Hire: Ongoing and by arrangement. The Studio spaces are still available 24/7 – call for details.

Open Rueda Workshop – last class for 2018: 30NOV

Advanced Cuban Styling – last class for 2018: Friday 30NOV

Sunday Rueda (Rueda en el Barrio) – last day for 2018: Sunday 16DEC

All other Group Classes:

  • Last Day 2018: Wednesday night, 19DEC
  • First Day back in 2019: Monday, 07 January.