After a 2 week trial, we’re excited to announce the launch of the new Advanced Salsa & Cuban Styling class with Gustavos!

Friday nights, 7.00pm – 8.00pm get on the floor for some fun but challenging moves and combinations, all with that special Cuban flavour.

Please note, this is NOT an Open Class – attendance is by invitation or audition only.

Why is this?

The moves and combinations offered in this workshop can be very complex, and draw heavily on your personal dance experience.

If you’re a new or recent dancer, then it is probable that you would struggle with this program. Attending without adequate preparation would be unhelpful for you – and we don’t want you set up to fail.

Also, in fairness to the other dancers, the workshop can’t be slowed done too much – you’ll have to be able to keep up.

So how good do I have to be? What about this “invitation or Audition”? What does this mean?

In all the Intermediate classes we’ll be keeping an eye out for those ready to advance, and will make the invitation to either attend the Advanced workshop alone, or in conjunction with some additional Intermediate workshops.

Alternately, if you think you’re ready, simply touch base with Gus, Dave, Jo or Ian for a 30 second dance where you’ll get to show your stuff – simple as that.

Have a chat to any one of us for more details about your specific situation.

Remember, you DON’T have to be perfect with all the Intermediate moves, just be able to do them comfortably.

So, how much for the Advanced Workshop?

That’s also some great news! We’ve managed to keep the prices in line with our other programs!

A “one of” casual Worship – is only $20. Otherwise just use your DanceCard!

So if you’ve already tried out for the Advanced Workshop. we’ll see you there each Friday at 7.00pm sharp(!!!!!).

Interested in learning more – touch base by phone or in person in the Studio.

Gus is also available for Private Lessons (individuals or Couples). Call for bookings.